Dsion ICO Blocking Platform for Financing Startup Dsion will provide platforms for 4 starters with various features, supporting supporting financial support and successful blocking platform businesses!



Tokens 100
Est. value $5
Ends in expired
Validation 100% REAL


Token type ERC20
Total supply 1,000,000,000
Price/Token $0.05
Created at: Nov. 22, 2018, 11:50 p.m.


Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail Facebook

  1. Visit the Dsion Airdrop form
  2. Sign up on Dsion website and verify email.
  3. Join them on Telegram.
  4. Click on ”Join the event” in Airdrop Form
  5. Connect Twitter or Facebook account and Submit your details.
  6. You will recieve 100 DSN tokens.
  7. Get up to 5000 DSN tokens per referral.

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Concept/Idea Website Team Whitepaper

Dsion offers an alternative to the problems of the current investment model with the Decentralized Decision-Making System and the Public Distributed Ledger, which are the basis of the blockchain. The 'Decentralized Decision-Making System' can monitor or influence a lot of investors to participate in the investment process and make rational decisions. The 'Public Distributed Ledger' can contain reliable fund management information and schedule progress information that is difficult to expect from unlisted companies. By using the blockchain as a powerful monitoring device that enables investors to reasonably use funds and time, investors can expect an efficient use of the invested funds and a higher return on investment.