BitFam (BMX)



Bifam is a digital blockchain village utlizing the power of blockchain technology.



Tokens 100
Est. value $?
Ends in expired
Validation 100% REAL


Token type ERC20
Created at: Aug. 7, 2018, 6:32 p.m.


Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail Facebook

  1. Join Telegram and post a comment
  2. Follow Twitter
  3. Follow Facebook
  4. Open Website
  5. Select 'Join Airdrop'
  6. Provide email
  7. Provide ETH Address
  8. Submit details

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Concept/Idea Website Team Whitepaper

BitFam are ceating a self sustaining community of people with various skills and role in a unique PROOF OF WORK (POW) system which creates wealth and mutually benefits all community members.
Creating a family and community driven coins is what we like. BitFam have gone for the classic Proof of Work concept in a fiercely competitive industry.