Share Internet Data (SID)



SID (Share Internet Data) is a peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing system that allows sharing internet from one person’s smartphone to another nearby in an automated manner.



Tokens 350
Est. value $3.5
Referral 50 SID
Ends in expired
Validation 100% REAL


Token type Stellar
Total supply 25,000,000,000
Price/Token $0.01
Created at: Aug. 2, 2018, 5 p.m.


Required Tools: Mail

  1. Start the SID Bounty Telegram Bot
  2. Sign up on the SID Website and submit your e-mail to the bot
  3. Join SID on Telegram
  4. Follow SID and retweet pinned tweet on Twitter
  5. Download SID App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  6. Add a valid WIFI Password for your nearest WIFI inside the SID app
  7. Send the WiFi name (SSID) for which you added the working password
  8. You will receive 350 SID tokens
  9. For every referral you will gain and additional 50 SID tokens
  10. Select 'Help' on the bot to find out further information about wallet addresses

Optional Airdrop:
1. Sign up on the SID Website or log in, if signed up previously
2. Purchase SID Tokens
Congratulations you have doubled your bonus.

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Concept/Idea Website Team Whitepaper

Available for 1 day only.
SID have launched a super airdrop.
This airdrop is seperate to the initial SID airdrop (which did not require a purchase).

You have the opportunity to double your Bonus with Airdrop Tokens in your purchase of SID Tokens, only during 24h. From 00:01 AM till 23:59 PM Brussels time (CET).

SID is one of the very few ICOs with a product released before even starting the Private Sale of SID Token.

Members are under no commitment to purchase SID tokens.
Contribute at your own risk.