Axonomy (Round 2) (AXON)



Axonomy is a community-driven accelerator for blockchain startups.



Tokens 60
Est. value $30
Ends in 21 days
Validation 100% REAL


Token type ERC20
Total supply 1,000,000,000
Price/Token $0.5
Created at: Jan. 9, 2019, 10:28 p.m.


Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail

  1. Sign up on Axonomy Beta account
  2. Complete the KYC to unlock the reward (It take 12-36 hours for approval). (+60 AXON)
  3. Once the KYC is approved, click "Vote" and vote for your favourite coin. (+10 AXON)
  4. Join Telegram group
  5. Follow on Twitter.

(Optional) Axonomy has an ongoing giveaway on Subreddit (Up to +55 AXON).

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Concept/Idea Website Team Whitepaper

Axonomy aims to disrupt traditional project funding with a user-driven venture system based on voting. Through voting and incubation of outstanding projects, Axonomy aims to bring maximum mutual benefits to users, projects, and investors. The Axonomy ecosystem, based on the distributed business framework, aims to maximize industry efficiency by facilitating collaboration and resourcesharing across different blockchain communities